The mission of the USNAP Alliance is to promote, certify and advance a protocol independent modular communication interface standard, known as ANSI /
CTA-2045, that enables any HAN (Home Area Network) or DR (Demand Response) standard, present and future, to use any energy services interface as a gateway, without adding additional protocol-specific hardware. In short, ANSI/CTA-2045 is a USB for energy management. The USNAP Alliance fosters collaboration and education among utilities, AMI suppliers, HAN vendors, industry consultants, academics and regulators who seek interoperable, secure and cost effective solutions for extending the Smart Grid to energy aware consumer products.


The purpose of the USNAP Alliance is to establish a non-profit mutual benefit (501(c)6) corporation to create a low cost, modular communication interface (MCI) standard for linking consumer products to the Smart Grid. This framework leverages existing industry standards wherever possible.

The purposes of the USNAP Alliance include:

  • Promote the ratification, approval and adoption of the ANSI/CEA-2045 Module Communication Interface standard to utilities, regulators and device manufacturers;
  • Establish certification guidelines and procedures to ensure compatibility and interoperability of third party products conforming to the ANSI/CEA-2045 standard;
  • Provide a forum and environment whereby the USNAP Members may meet to approve suggested revisions and enhancements to the ANSI/CEA-2045 standard; and provide a forum whereby users may meet with developers and providers of related products and services to identify requirements for interoperability and general usability; and
  • Educate the business and consumer communities as to the value, benefits and applications for the ANSI/CEA-2045 standard in consumer and commercial products and services through public statements, publications, trade shows demonstrations, seminar sponsor-ships and other programs established by the USNAP Alliance.